Click to Mention


The most popular plugin for the Invision Community that allows you to insert the post or comment author’s name in the form of response. It is displayed as a button or link and has some configurable positions including access rights administration.

Compatibility: 4.6 4.5

This plugin adds a button or link to posts and comments that, when clicked, insert member mention into a reply form. This avoids needing of manual entry of a symbol “@” and user’s name first initials.

Button position

There are several variants of the mention button position. You can choose one of them:

  • Button “@” at the bottom of a reply form next to the MultiQuote button.
  • The “Mention” link at the bottom of the post, before the “Quote” link.
  • The “Mention” link at the bottom of the post, after the “Quote” link.
  • “@” link next to the reply form before the author’s name.
  • “@” link next to the reply form after the author’s name.
  • Mentioning by pressing the author’s name.

The plugin is tested on a standard unchanged style of Invision Community. Please note: some positions may be incompatible with non-default themes.


You can select groups that may use this button. Also, you can enable or disable display of it on your own messages.


By default, this plugin does not run with comments posted within the Pages application. However, if you are familiar with HTML and Invision Community syntax template you can change the comments display template linked to your database by yourself.