Friendly URL Translit


Плагин конвертирует не латинские символы на латинские, тем самым избавляя от проблем с кракозябрами при вставке ссылок с вашего сайта в мессенджерах и на других сайтах.

Compatibility: 4.6 4.5

3.2.0 – July 12th, 2021


  • Added compatibility for Invision Community 4.6.


  • Removed compatibility for Invision Community 4.4 and lower.
  • Removed custom update check link in favor of built-in Marketplace update check.

3.1.0 – September 17th, 2020

Added experimental transliteration mode called Portable ASCII. It is based on voku/portable-ascii package and support a lot of language. Check the plugin settings for more information. If you are seeing any problems in your language feel free to submit an issue to voku.
Edited Custom Rules field. It is more compact now and contains “=” symbol as delimiter.
Added compatibility with Invision Community 4.5.

2.0.1 – March 20th, 2019

Now compatible with Invision Community 4.4
Updated plugin’s meta information

2.0.0 – April 17th, 2018

URLs Transliteration was renamed to Friendly URL Translit
Compatibility with IPS Community Suite 4.1.14
Now you can define you custom rules

1.0.3 – July 14th, 2015

Added support for French, Italian, Spanish

1.0.2 – April 18th, 2015

Added support for Turkish language
Added support for Romanian language
Fixed one critical bug

1.0.1 – April 10th, 2015

Added support for Greek language
Added settings page

1.0.0 – March 12th, 2015

There is no release note for this release.